Deed Poll And Name Change

How to Change My Name in Singapore?

The simple answer is  – In order to change your name in Singapore or if you want to make effect a change of name in Singapore you need to have a DEED POLL done.

What is a Deed Poll?

Deed poll is the document required for the change of name.

Before changing your name in your identity card, you would require a deed poll.

A deed poll essentially says:

The use of your previous name has been abandoned;

Your new name will be used at all times;

All persons are required to address you by your new name only.

A deed poll cannot be used to get your birth certificate changed to your new name.

A deed poll does not change the name provide in a birth certificate.
The cost of the deed poll would only be S$70.00. For on the spot/immediate deed poll, it would cost S$100.00.

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