What Happens to the Deceased’s Estate upon his Death?

When a person dies with an estate (property), it is common knowledge that someone must take care of his estate and ensure that the estate is distributed to the beneficiary (the person entitled to the estate). Where the deceased leaves a will behind and appoints a person to take care of his estate, that person is called an executor. On the flip side, where the deceased does not leave a will behind, the person who takes care of his estate would be called an administrator.

To administer the estate of the decesed, whether he leaves a will behind or not, an order from the court is required for the executor/administrator to administer the deceased’s estate.

The court order is known as a grant of  probate (where there is a will) or grant of letters of administration (where there is no will).

Something to note is that there is lesser documentation involved where there is a request for a grant of probate versus a grant of letters of administration and usually, depending on the nature of the matter, the grant of probate is quicker in being processed than a grant of letters of administration.

Grant of Probate

A grant of  probate is a court order given to the executor, to administer the deceased estate.

This court order has to be applied to court within 6 months after the death of the person.

Grant of Letters of Administration

The grant of letters of administration is a court order given to the administrator, to administer the deceased estate.

The beneficiary with prior right will have to apply for the court order, where the deceased has left some property to administer.

Where there is already a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration Obtained overseas

A memorandum of resealing is a court order given where a grant of probate or letters of administration is obtained in any part of the Commonwealth or approved country/territory.

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We charge S$2600.00 for a straightforward grant of probate.
We charge S$2800.00 for a straightforward grant of letters of administration.

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